Doves… Are the easiest hard shooting’ in the world. Or is it the other way around. Maybe they’re the toughest easy shooting’ in the world. I’m telling you right now, you figger to miss more’n you hit, and it wouldn’t surprise me none if you didn’t hit any for your first box o’ shells.
— Robert Ruark, The Old Man and the Boy, 1957




Who we are:

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation, Inc. (TWRF) was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 1999 to support the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) and to promote habitat conservation, responsible land stewardship, and the preservation of Tennessee's hunting and fishing heritage. TWRF assists TWRA with youth education programs as well as strategic land acquisitions to provide opportunities for habitat conservation/restoration and public hunting. Through our fundraising efforts and support, we provide a synergy to help the TWRA realize its goals. 

We have taken great strides to organize and structure our operations in order to find the most effective ways to benefit the TWRA. If you are interested in the promotion and preservation of our hunting and fishing heritage in Tennessee, we encourage you to join TWRF and offer your support to a worthwhile cause. After all, it's up to all of us to ensure that future generations have the same opportunity to enjoy Tennessee's wildlife resources and take part in the rich hunting and fishing heritage that has been passed down from countless generations of Tennessee's sportsmen & women.

What we do:

With your support, we pledge:

  • To preserve and perpetuate Tennessee’s hunting, fishing and shooting sports heritage through innovative, mentor-based educational programs.
  • To educate and engage with students interested in wildlife management careers through our Tennessee Outdoors Youth Summit Camp, providing hands-on learning that teaches the importance of natural resources management.
  • To continue to host and support numerous free youth hunting and fishing events across Tennessee.
  • To help high school students develop shooting skills, discipline and sportsmanship through our Tennessee Scholastic Action Shooting Program.
  • To continue to serve as a conduit for vital wildlife disease and endangered species research.
  • To provide special needs children with the opportunity to take part in Tennessee’s youth deer hunting season through our Young Guns Program.
  • To offer scholarships to students interested in the field of wildlife management, ornithology and wildlife art.
  • To provide quality hunting, fishing, and outdoor experiences for physically disabled men, women, and children, as well as wounded members of the armed forces by producing wheelchair accessible facilities in TWRA wildlife management areas throughout Tennessee.


Banner Image: The start on a limit of dove at the Region II Hunt - Photo Credit: Jason Harmond/TWRA