Doves… Are the easiest hard shooting’ in the world. Or is it the other way around. Maybe they’re the toughest easy shooting’ in the world. I’m telling you right now, you figger to miss more’n you hit, and it wouldn’t surprise me none if you didn’t hit any for your first box o’ shells.
— Robert Ruark, The Old Man and the Boy, 1957



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We host our Regional Dove Shoot fundraisers during the first days of the season in separate regions. The proceeds of the shoots help fund habitat conservation, youth education programs, and Tennessee’s hunting and fishing heritage. The early dove season is really just an appetizer for the rest of the fall, and that’s probably why it’s as much about gathering with friends as it is about pursuing birds.

The 2018 Regional Shoots are:
Region I - Saturday, Sept. 8, Henry, TN
Region II - Labor Day Monday, Sept. 3, Erin, TN
Region III -
Saturday, Sept. 8 Rossville, GA
Region IV -
Saturday, Sept. 1, Surgoinsville, TN

For more information on the TWRF Regional Dove Shoots or becoming a Heritage Club Member, contact:
Johnny Allred at (615) 831-9311 ext.118 or

Banner Image: The start on a limit of dove at the Region II Hunt - Photo Credit: Jason Harmond/TWRA